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Why you should always fly your drone

I've seen far too many real estate videographers include 'drone aerials' as an add-on to their services.

I've recently upgraded from a Mavic to a DJI Air 2S - I shoot in 5.4k resolution. And I'll be showing that off on every one of my services from now on.

Videographers! Listen up! Hopefully you aren't charging any money for your drone services unless you've gained your pilot certification under FAA Part 107 for sUAS and have remained up-to-date. But assuming you're good to go, I want to provide you with 3 good reasons why you need to move your drone services from your list of add-ons to all your base packages.

Reason #1 - It Will Help Gain The Attention Of A Buyer

We need to always remember that whenever working with a realtor, homeowner, or commercial real estate partner, they come first. They are putting their trust in us to not just represent their home, but help sell it. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to sell someone a service that would only work half-way. Ground-perspective is only half of the job with modern online real estate imagery. Drone aerials provide better views of bigger homes, a more personal look at the property, a tour of the town, and a unique perspective. All things that are essential to getting someone excited to take their next steps in the process of loving a listing.

Reason #2 - Add-Ons Aren't A Money-Grab

When it comes to a quality list of add-ons, less is more. You'll find only two add-ons on my services because I want to provide options that, strictly speaking, will only further help sell the home or market my realtors brand, but aren't required for me to do a good job.

Nothing about what you do is a money-grab, don't look for easy ways to make an extra buck. Instead turn your focus towards your own creativity. Try to put all that you can into your work and those that work with you will be grateful and continue to work with you. There are enough competitive videographers out there these days that you would have a hard time getting your foot in the door of this real estate market without giving all that you've got.

I used to be called a 'try-hard' by some of my friends and it took me awhile to grow comfortable with who I am because of that. But today, I believe that whenever someone is genuine and doing their best, we might all be better for it.

Reason #3 - Your Portfolio

This is assuming that you are any good at flying your drone. But it's not enough to just say 'I have a drone.' In today's market it's not even enough to say 'I'm a licensed pilot.' You need to practice the maneuvers you like to do with your drone and be able to show clips of what you can do for someone to be more inclined to hire you over a competitor.

It is true that nothing can take the place of a quality drone shot. There's possibly no better establishing shot than an aerial, especially on a nice day. Everyone likes to click on a real estate video and immediately be swept off their feet. Whenever the property allows - I try to do this with my drone.

I hope this helps

As professionals, we should always be adapting as times change, and there is a new standard today in real estate, and that standard is to go above and beyond ground-coverage. So if you're just starting out, look into getting your drone license soon, it isn't a difficult process, it only takes about a week of studying, and the FAA community is incredible! The world needs more quality, respectful pilots, so join in! You can only take the test once per month though, and it's somewhere around $100 to take each time, so make sure you feel confident before going in.


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