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5328 Tortuga Trail, Austin, TX 78731

A beautiful luxury home in the Texas hill country captured for The Dochen Realtory Team in Austin, Tx. Shortly after posting my video to Facebook (3-4 days), the realty team reached out saying it went under contract FAST!

An entertainment room off the kitchen

It's no wonder this home sold fast, you could see the lake from the living room! The stone steps off the back porch to the pool is a plus, too. And all of the rooms inside are spacious and comfortable.

How I Helped Sell This Home

The Dochen Realtors reached out to me for a standard highlight film, but they also inquired about one of my add-ons where I would edit one of their top realtors into the beginning of the video, sitting in the home, talking about all that the home had to offer. I used the audio from that short interview as a voice-over for the rest of the video. So she would say 'each bedroom has high ceilings' and I would be showing footage of the high ceiling bedrooms. Or she would say, 'nearly every window in this house has a view of the lake.' and I would show the views out the windows.

What I Learned Through This Video Shoot

I was so taken away by the interior of this home and the views in the backyard that I didn't focus enough on the exterior-front of the home with my drone. I'm always learning and critiquing my work! There were thick trees covering most of the home, without a really good view of the front porch from a drone's view. Because of this I started the video by walking through the front doors. I still agree that was a good idea for this particular house, as it immediately throws the viewer into the action. But at the mid-point or the end of the highlight video, I should have really figured out how to get at least 2-3 good angles on the exterior of the home, not just the pool and views. I could have done this with my ground-camera, since the drone couldn't see through the trees. Sometimes I get so accustomed to a drone being the best way to capture the exterior of a home that I forget to get up close to show the rock work, the pillars, the plants and flowers that help make the exterior shine with my ground-camera.

A Walk To Remember

The realtor and I took a 2+ mile hike along the trails behind the house to capture the way down to the lake. Carol (the realtor) was very nice and continued to apologize for the long walk but I didn't mind. We had good conversation, and I love to hike! I remember when I first started out doing real estate videos, I sometimes needed to move mattresses or other furniture to get the right shot, all the while making less than $150 per shoot. I'm there to work creatively, and to work hard, so it never bothers me when things like this happen.

Interested in Real Estate Videography?

I happen to know many of the great real estate photographers in Austin and San Antonio! I frequently partner with them to thoroughly capture homes in and around these cities. Though, I don't offer photography through my company. The Imagery Box is a High End and Commercial Real Estate Videography Company. I always fly my drone, and I always try to edit in interesting graphics and titles throughout the video wherever they fit nicely. Reach out if you are interested in working with me on a home!


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