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Why realtors should hire a professional videographer!

Content is still a critical component for all types of marketing purposes that are out there. Yet what that content is has significantly shifted in recent years. In the past, digital marketing focused on the written word and worked on getting recognized by search engines.

This setup was to get your business found by clientele. Then it switched over to graphic design and images to get that balance of search engine optimization (SEO) and posting meaningful visual content for people. I learned all about this when I first began advertising on Facebook and Google! (It's a lot...)

Then came the revolution of digital video and how it went from 'nice-to-have' to a STAPLE in all forms of marketing. Seriously, YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. Videography is important for marketing your brand online and can help tremendously in selling a home. I've had homes sell with my videos just from being seen on Facebook!

This reality is especially true for the Austin, Texas, or San Antonio, Texas, real estate market. With these trade areas, there are so many benefits that can come from video marketing and how important it is to work with a professional videographer, a real estate video company like The Imagery Box can be 10x more effective online than if you were to walk through the home capturing video with your smartphone. It's how the home is captured, but it's also where the video goes online.

Real estate, especially high-end real estate, is one of the essential ticket items out there. So allocating the right amount of marketing budget into professional videography, photography, and drone aerial videography will be a minor cost to help push sales on properties that are in the millions. You want to show the luxury and not cheapen it with a low-quality production value.

A real estate videographer with a top-of-the-line video camera.

How it benefits a realtor brand and marketing

By working with a professional videographer, a realtor can showcase properties completely. The videographer will make sure to present every angle, nook, and cranny to show what a property looks like and what mere photos cannot fully capture.

It helps potential buyers to imagine what they're going to buy and where certain items may or may not fit, even before they physically see the property themselves.

Also, someone can be on camera giving a walkthrough of the home. Provided with a lavalier mic, this is a whole new way to show a home online, setting a higher standard for selling luxury homes.

By using a professional, you'll also have someone working with high-definition camera equipment that will capture the property you're selling in the highest possible quality.

So whether you want to be able to promote the finished hardwood flooring, the imported marble in the bathroom, or the original crown molding, it’s all items that need to be exposed in their entirety, not through a simple description and some photos or a phone's low-resolution video. (Not all pixels are equal, 4k on a phone IS NOT the same as 4k on a modern high-end video camera.)

As I've said, it can also help the realtor's brand, as it becomes a go-to destination to see what luxury properties for sale look like in all their splendor - under YOUR name. Imagine you being the one giving a walkthrough on-camera!

For example, is there an installed sauna in one of the bathrooms? Or an outdoor pool to consider? Maybe there's a custom movie theater to showcase and get a feel for how it would look like to have a movie night with close friends and family.

How technology enhances the experience

A professional videographer understands all those settings on a camera and knows when and how to use them. Want to showcase the lighting with the updated landscaping during the evening? Then the videographer utilizes the best low light settings possible to bring out the evening vibrance.

Are you looking to enhance the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room? Then the experienced videographer understands how to handle the fluctuations of brightness and shadows, to bring out the warmth and radiance of the room.

Working with the best videographers will mean working with those that understand how to properly use drones to give an aerial tour of the entire property. Whether it's to show the size and dimensions of the property or showcase the outdoor pool, or built-in tennis court, it is showcased much better with the use of an aerial drone. What better way to show high-end real estate in Austin, San Antonio, or Dallas with the help of drone aerials! Capitalizing on the cutting-edge technology of these will really put you ahead of the competition.

As with everything in Texas, you know these properties will be pretty big, and you only really capture them in relevance to the surrounding areas.

It works for commercial real estate as well

Commercial real estate is a different beast altogether, and there are various things that potential buyers are looking for than in residential high-end real estate. Yet the quality of working with a professional videographer handles the same purpose.

This element highlights and accentuates all the critical points in commercial real estate. With that perfect combination of showing a video tour of the property, with high-resolution photography at the key issues, whether it's top-quality office space or recently constructed warehousing, the strategy is the same.

Sometimes commercial real estate doesn't get the love that it deserves, and it's not getting the correct marketing. However, with the right videographer team, it can help those buyers interested in commercial real estate get the full details of what the property will look like and its actual location relative to roads, highways, and traffic flow.

These additional insights can help sell these properties by going beyond what's just on the inside and how the day-to-day would look like. Ranging from a commuter standpoint to what businesses are also readily available around there.

Why use The Imagery Box?

I've been in the business for over five years. I've captured over 200 properties, and my entire strategy focuses on creating suitable media to have these properties ready to sell.

So it's not just about making these high-end properties around Austin or San Antonio look tremendous but getting the correct details to the target buying market and getting those properties from selling to sold.

Another critical factor to consider is that it's not just about a one-and-done situation. It's about becoming your videographer partner and helping to enhance all parts of the realtor business, from the content on the site to the production content, whether through physical or digital media to give to potential buyers, to growing the professionalism and the brand of the realtor themselves.

There's no time like the present either, and I work fast, like exceptionally fast, and can convert properties into fantastic media in no time, getting you that content that you needed yesterday. All while including interesting graphics and titles wherever they fit best throughout the video.

There's also no limit to where your properties are located, whether it's Austin or San Antonio or vacation properties in surrounding countries! I'm ready to hop aboard a plane and travel anywhere you need me to ensure you're getting the proper representation of the properties you're offering.

Make the decision to go professional

You'll probably already start seeing your competition, or even homeowners themselves who are selling their properties as the owner use their own attempts at videography and photography. Their quality may not be as impressive as professional quality content, but they produce that type of content that people want to see.

It'll help with your social media channels, especially by having video content to share and grow your social media following and presence. This content then easily gets distributed, expanding your reach for those that are looking to buy high-end real estate or commercial real estate in the Austin or San Antonio area.


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