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we connect You And Your

Clients Through Google and Facebook Ads. 

Advertising isn't magic.

but if it's done right it sure looks like it.


By using multiple strategies across Facebook and Google for your business including video creation, sales funnels, lookalike audiences, and more...


...I aim to help your brand grow faster than most other advertising companies are capable...


...and to help your business and client relationships grow stronger! 

We can discuss strategies if you decide to reach out. 

Advertise with videos

The best ads on Facebook are video ads. While not all of your ads should be video ads, videography has a huge impact on an ad campaign. There are many benefits, one of which is the ability to track how long someone watches each video. I can then take this data and boost your ad campaigns further. 

common options include:

4 Videos/Month

I will help you prepare the topic and ideas for four videos. Then I will film them in a batch - four videos in one day.

8 Videos/Month

I will help you prepare the topic and ideas for eight videos.

Two days out of the month we will get together to film four videos each. 

12 Videos/Month

I will help you prepare the topic and ideas for twelve videos.

Two days out of the month we will get together to film six videos each. 

things for you to know:

  • All final videos will be delivered within 3 days from filming

  • Filming 4 videos takes just 2-3 hours (or less!)

  • No extra cost, high quality teleprompter

  • Final products can be used freely by you on any social media platform or your website

  • Each video can be formatted to fit Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc

  • Pricing may change depending on how many different formats you want your videos edited in

  • No extra cost, ability to shoot in 4k

I'm here to help you get your brand out to more people.

You see that smiling face?

You'd be working directly

with that guy.

Cam the Cameraman

Hi, my name is Cameron Moore. But you can call me Cam.

The Imagery Box began over five years ago when I started filming weddings. I never slowed down and in 2019 I completed over 200 video productions for various clients. Over the years my education and abilities in videography naturally led me to video advertising for myself. My growing digital marketing and advertising skills have helped my company tremendously and I want to share my abilities with other companies that also want to grow via online content and online advertising.  

I'm In Spring Branch, Texas

But I Often Work For

Companies Remotely


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